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Feasible, healthy changes we foster

Voice. Trust. Growth.


  • We implement programs that make students feel heard

  • We create spaces where students feel safe voicing simple ideas

    • We conduct classroom observations, focus groups, and interventions to identify ideas like...
    • New basketballs in the gym
    • Salad bar in the cafeteria
  • We build online peer communities where can students catch up and amplify their voices


  • We run programs that strengthen student-teacher relationships

  • We design experiences that help students empathize with peers and educators

    • Teaching about education systems and what makes them under-resourced
    • Teaching data collection and analysis to students so they better understand and adapt to challenges
    • Training students to run classroom interventions
  • We create support systems for those who need it most

    • Our summer camp for at-risk students
    • Teaching kids to find mentors outside of school
    • Our 2-minute parent involvement intervention students can bring home
    • Agency-building initiatives for young adults with chronic and severe illnesses
  • We advocate for small, simple paths to brighter school communities

    • PD for support staff
    • The Approachability Factor
    • Age-appropriate awareness, teaching trust like algebra


  • Programs that resolve toxic cultural norms

    • Distilling the intervention research on social referrents into actionable strategies
    • Context-specific Doorstops we design in partnership with one school
    • Leveraging machine learning analysis of electronic healthcare records to predict student substance abuse
  • Student-driven action with social-emotional strategies

  • Meeting individual student needs

  • We fight for change in college admissions practices

    • Empowering students to confront innappropriate and abusive educators without fear of being graded down
    • Allowing ESL students to submit additional writing in their first language